Proxy server instructions updated

Instructions for using the library proxy server to connect to journal article databases and other licensed electronic resources have been updated for new browser versions such as Firefox 5 and Google Chrome 12. Instructions for major Macintosh browsers have been updated for OSX 10.7 ("Lion").

We have also added instructions for Windows Internet Explorer 9, though we do not recommend using this version of IE for this purpose because of possible compatibility issues with some database systems and websites.

To give feedback on these instructions, send email to: jkupersm[at]

Proxy server information and instructions

Aug 18, 2011 | Categories: Library News | jkupersm

Ed-Psyc Library closed August 24

The Education Psychology Library will be closed all day on Wednesday, August 24 for the Graduate School of Education's orientation.

Aug 17, 2011 | Categories: Library News | jkupersm

Doe Library wants you to write on our wall

How will you use the Doe Library this year?

We invite you to tell us (and everyone else) by writing a message on the ?Doe Library Wall, " a mobile installation that will be appearing in various locations during Doe Library's centennial year. The wall will pose a changing series of questions and invite your responses - words, drawings, or whatever - which we may later share through an exhibit and related publications.

We hope the wall will engage our community and enable them to share their experiences with and impressions of Doe Library.

Dates and locations

August 23 - 25 (Tu - Th)
Doe Library, North Entrance

August 26 (Fr)
Doe Library, Room 190 (next to North Entrance)

Sept 6 - 8 (Tu - Th)
Doe Library, Room 190 (next to North Entrance)

Aug 16, 2011 | Categories: Library News | jkupersm

New website for Earth Sciences and Map Library

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has a new website, featuring news and information about the library and links to its many online resources.

Aug 15, 2011 | Categories: Library News | jkupersm

Maintenance work in Doe Library

A much needed maintenance project on the Doe Library roof and gutters begins this month and continues through approximately October 31.

Doe Library is 100 years old, and the gutters and drains are original to the building. In several places those are rusted through, and during rainstorms it is unfortunately common to have leaks throughout the building, often over the Art History/Classics Library and collections.

This work is being planned to cause the least possible disruption during fall semester, and especially around mid-terms. The noisiest work will be done from 9pm-9am and during the first four weeks of the project. Some portions of the work will be completed sooner, allowing certain operations to return to normal earlier than the final project completion date.

Visible changes during this project:

  • Scaffolding will be placed around the south, east, and west sides of the building; debris chutes and bins will be placed on the south side.
  • Update: The Heyns (East) and Rosberg Reading Rooms are closed until Monday November 14. Materials will be paged daily. Reserves have been moved to Moffitt Library.
  • The Art History/Classics Library is closed until Thursday October 13.
  • The AIDS Memorial Courtyard will be closed, and rearranged to accommodate scaffolding.
  • Overall there will be some noise and odors throughout the building during business hours.

While this work is being done, people with UC IDs might consider moving to Moffitt Library and the Gardner (MAIN) Stacks, which will be less impacted.

Aug 02, 2011 | Categories: Library News | jkupersm

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