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New ebooks from SPIE Press

Aberration Theory Made Simple, Second Edition, by Virendra Mahajan (eISBN: 9780819488268)

Color Image Processing with Biomedical Applications, by Rangaraj Rangayyan, Begoņa Acha, and Carmen Serrano (eISBN: 9780819485656)

Color Vision and Colorimetry: Theory and Applications, Second Edition, by Daniel Malacara (eISBN: 9780819483980)

Hadamard Transforms, by Sos Agaian, Hakob Sarukhanyan, Karen Egiazarian, and Jaakko Astola (eISBN: 9780819486486)

Optical Imaging and Aberrations, Part II. Wave Diffraction Optics, Second Edition, by Virendra Mahajan (eISBN: 9780819487001)

Jul 28, 2011 | Categories: New Resources | jmckenzie

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