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Drop-In EndNote & RefWorks Trainings This Month!

EndNote Essentials for Busy Students

Tuesday, Oct. 14; Room 450C Moffitt Library; 2:30 - 3:30 PM

RefWorks Uncorked

Wednesday, Oct. 22; Room 350C Moffitt Library; 10:00 - 11:00 AM

No registration required

Each of these trainings will include hands-on learning: use the PCs in the training rooms, or bring your own laptop. (If you bring your own laptop, you may wish to download a trial version of EndNote from, unless you already have this program)

Features covered include:

  • Adding references to EndNote or RefWorks from PubMed and other databases
  • Organizing your references into groups or folders
  • Using EndNote or RefWorks with Microsoft Word to instantly add references to your document in any of 1000s of citations styles
  • ...and more!
Sep 26, 2014 | Categories: Events and Workshops | msholinb

Online paging: New library service gets books delivered from/to nearly any UCB Library

You can now request books and other library materials be delivered to any of over 20 library locations. Just use the UC Berkeley library catalog OskiCat to find the circulating item you'd like, click the Request button near the top of the screen, and enter your CalNet ID and password. Then, select your favorite library to have the item delivered to. It will arrive within three business days; in most cases sooner. Imagine requesting books from the Bioscience & Natural Resources Library, Earth Sciences & Map Library, Business Library, and Anthropology Library from the comfort of your home and having them all sent to the Public Health Library where you can pick them up on your way to class the next morning.

Online paging -- another way the Library helps you access the materials you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Aug 26, 2014 | Categories: News, Tips and Updates | msholinb

Ebola Outbreak 2014: Information Resources

A new web page, Ebola Outbreak 2014: Information Resources, is now available from the National Library of Medicine Disaster Information Management Research Center. The resources on this page may be of value to international and local organizations and individuals providing Ebola outbreak-related services in West Africa, researchers, and friends and family of people in the affected region.

This guide includes resources from CDC, FDA, WHO, and more. Also available is a canned PubMed search for journal articles on ebola, other links to articles and book material, social media links, and maps. Resources in multiple languages are listed.
Aug 25, 2014 | Categories: News, New Resources | msholinb

Lethal but legal: corporations, consumption, and protecting public health. Book now in!

"Decisions made by the food, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical, gun, and automobile industries have a greater impact on today's health than the decisions of scientists and policymakers. As the collective influence of corporations has grown, governments around the world have stepped back from their responsibility to protect public health by privatizing key services, weakening regulations, and cutting funding for consumer and environmental protection. Today's corporations are increasingly free to make decisions that benefit their bottom line at the expense of public health."

"Lethal but Legal examines how corporations have impacted -- and plagued -- public health over the last century, first in industrialized countries and now in developing regions. It is both a current history of corporations' antagonism towards health and an analysis of the emerging movements that are challenging these industries' dangerous practices. The reforms outlined here aim to strike a healthier balance between large companies' right to make a profit and governments' responsibility to protect their populations. While other books have addressed parts of this story, Lethal but Legal is the first to connect the dots between unhealthy products, business-dominated politics, and the growing burdens of disease and health care costs. By identifying the common causes of all these problems, then situating them in the context of other health challenges that societies have overcome in the past, this book provides readers with the insights they need to take practical and effective action to restore consumers' right to health.

I was impressed by this book and the research behind it when the author spoke to a group of us in the School of Public Health last Spring. Check it out!

Aug 18, 2014 | Categories: New Resources | msholinb

Health in All Policies - Seizing opportunities, implementing policies: Book, e-book available

"Health in All Policies (HiAP) is an approach to policies that systematically takes into account the health and health-system implications of decisions, seeks synergies, and avoids harmful health impacts to improve population health and health equity. It is founded on health-related rights and obligations and has great potential to improve population health and equity."


"This volume aims to improve our understanding of the dynamics of HiAP policy-making and implementation processes. Drawing on experience from all regions, and from countries at various levels of economic development, it demonstrates that HiAP is feasible in different contexts, and provides fresh insight into how to seize opportunities to promote HiAP and how to implement policies for health across sectors."

This book was recently added to the Public Health Library's collection; the OskiCat record is at It is also available online from the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies in PDF, ePub, and mobi formats:,-implementing-policies. Let me know what you think!

The California Department of Public Health features HiAP guides on its website:

Aug 18, 2014 | Categories: New Resources | msholinb

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