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Free classes on Community-Based Participatory Research (and more)

The Michigan Public Health Training Center offers free (and fee) classes on community-based participatory research (CBPR) and other topics. CBPR is a partnership approach to research that equitably involves community members, organization representatives, and academic researchers in all aspects of the research process. CBPR aims to increase knowledge and understanding of what is being studied and to integrate the knowledge gained with interventions and policy changes to enhance the health and quality of life of community members.

There are many free classes available ... check them out at

Other free classes include

  • Advocating for Healthy Environments and Healthy People
  • Demystifying Data: Accessing, Using, and Interpreting Data in Public Health
  • Measuring Health Disparities
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Here comes National Public Health Week!

Ready? National Public Health Week is April 5-11.

"If every one of us commits to promoting good health in our communities, we can create a ripple effect from coast to coast. Through just one neighborhood that makes its public parks accessible, one municipality that launches a bike-helmet safety program, one group of people who join together to bring fresh foods to school, or one health center that offers a vaccination program, we can create a collage of public health successes across the country."

NPHW is all about a healthier America - one community at a time. The NPHW web site includes the "A Healthier America: One Community at a Time Toolkit" full of resources, tips, and examples on:

  • Planning a Community Town Hall,
  • Planning an Online Event,
  • Working with Local Media,
  • Writing a Letter to the Editor,
  • How to Make Social Media Work for You,
  • Legislative Advocacy,

and more. You can also submit a NPHW event, and view events nationwide on the Event Map, and share a story about what you or your group is doing in the community.

Follow NPHW on Twitter!

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Earthquakes: Information for Public Health Responders

Many public health workers - professionals, students, and others - have responded to the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile. The National Library of Medicine's Disaster Information Management Research Center makes available free resources to these responders. Information available includes:

  • Free Resources from Publishers (including Cochrane, DynaMed, and GIDEON)
  • Evacuation
  • Traumatic Injuries and Treatment
  • Environmental Health and Sanitation
  • Stress and Coping Issues
  • Multi-language Resources
  • People Locators

and much more.

Resources for Haiti |  Resources for Chile

NLM logo

The Disaster Information Management Research Center is part of NLM's Specialized Information Services Division.

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Fall asleep at meetings no more!: Healthy Meetings at UC Berkeley

Tired of sitting down at long meetings?

Wish there was something besides bad doughy products to eat?

Take a look at the Healthy Meetings and Events at UC Berkeley web site!

It includes the UC Berkeley Guide to Healthy Meetings and Events, as well as Lift Off! a 5-minute fun, low-impact activity for use at meetings and events that supports group participation with simple callisthenic movements done to music.

Also included are shopping lists, and information on what to do with leftover food (Do NOT throw it away!)

health food"Meetings, events, and celebrations are a major part of the campus culture. Many meetings and events include food and beverages, as well as long periods of sitting. This guide provides recommendations and resources on how to make meetings more healthful for faculty, staff, and students by including nutritious food and beverage options, using sustainable supplies, and providing activity breaks."

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EndNote X3 class coming up!

Introduction to EndNote X3
Tuesday April 13, 1-230pm
350C Moffitt Library (PC lab)

EndNote is a widely-used, powerful reference management tool.
This hands-on workshop will include an overview of EndNote features.
You will learn to:

  • Import references from an array of databases
  • Manually enter references into your EndNote library
  • Find the full text of references in your EndNote library
  • Insert citations into a manuscript
  • Organize references using Groups

User of older version of EndNote are welcome to attend, as are folks who have never used EndNote.
You are welcome to bring your own laptop to this session if you have EndNote installed on it. Install a free 30-day trail version
from the EndNote web site:

Please bring your Cal ID to enter Moffitt Library.

Can't make this session? Maybe you can come to a session sponsored by another UCB library:
See (This calendar includes EndNote and other classes being offered by UCB Libraries).

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