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Everything you know is wrong (sorta) ... and how I learned this

Thanks to Faculty of 1000, I recently learned of a paper by John Ioannidis: Why most discovered true associations are inflated [Epidemiology 19(5) 640-8, Sept. 2008]. Interesting read.  Underpowered studies, selective analysis, inflated interpretation ..… more »
Dec 16, 2008 | Categories: Scholarly Communication | msholinb

Great stuff, but you WON'T find it in PubMed ...

Researching public health scholarly literature is not easy because it crosses many disciplines. Although PubMed is the primary index to use for most public health topics, going beyond Pubmed will provides you with a lot of relevant research. I recently… more »
Dec 12, 2008 | Categories: Tips and Updates | msholinb

Undergrads: Big money for your term paper!

or... How to get reimbursed for all those hours you spent researching and writing your paper! Did you know that the UC Berkeley Library sponsors the Library Prize for Undergraduate Research?  You can win $1000 (upper division) or $750 (lower division)… more »
Dec 09, 2008 | Categories: News, Tips and Updates | msholinb

Need help from a reference librarian but it's Sunday night?

The Public Health Library offers reference service Monday through Friday, 10am-12 and 2pm-5. Other libraries on campus offer reference services at various other times, including Saturdays and weekday evenings. You can also chat with a UC reference librar… more »
Dec 08, 2008 | Categories: News, Tips and Updates | msholinb

What is Public Health? This book series helps answer this question!

The Public Health Library has all of the books currently in the series Understanding Public Health. Most of them are also available online via ebrary. A few of the 20 titles available are: Analytical models for decision making Environmental epidemiol… more »
Dec 04, 2008 | Categories: New Resources, Tips and Updates | msholinb

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