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New Books are displayed each week & online

Visit the Physics-Astronomy Library to review new books displayed on our New Titles Table.  They can be put on hold for later check-out.

You can visit the Melvyl List to see titles and covers online; or visit the New Acquisitions List to see all new items including the electronic books.

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Library Winter Closure

The Physics-Astronomy Library will be CLOSED from Thursday, December 22 - Tuesday, January 3, ~~~ due to construction in the Library for the Campbell Hall project and the mandatory campus Winter Holiday Closure and Energy Curtailment Period.

We will reopen on Wednesday, January 4 at 11am.

Science Libraries winter closure dates:
  • Bioscience & Natural Resources: closed Dec. 24-Jan. 16
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering: closed Dec. 22-Jan. 4
  • Earth Sciences & Map: closed Dec. 22-Jan. 3
  • Engineering: closed Dec. 24-Jan. 1
  • Mathematics Statistics: closed Dec. 22-Jan. 3
  • Optometry & Health Sciences: closed Dec. 22-Jan. 3
  • Physics-Astronomy: closed Dec. 22-Jan. 3
  • Public Health: closed Dec. 22-Jan. 2

Please consult the Library Hours page to check the hours for all libraries.

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email outages at UC Berkeley

The Calmail system is having intermittent outages; if you have emailed the Librarian, please be patient.  This problem is affecting the UC Berkeley campus-wide and is on-going.

If you have urgent problems please call: 510-643-7662.
Thank you.

Nov 29, 2011 | Categories: Current | skoskinen

UC3 & the DMPTool

The University of California, Curation Center (UC3) has partnered with UC Libraries to provide assistance and solutions for developing data management plans, creating DOIs and ARKs, storing digital documents using Merrit and other services.

What is a DMPTool and why use one? Data Management Plans are increasingly being required by funders such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GMBH). This tool was developed by the University of California and several other research institutions.

You can use the Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool), to generate a data management plan and submit it with your funding proposals. The DMPTool, is open-source, freely available and easily configurable to reflect an institution's local policies and information. Users of the DMPTool can view sample plans, preview funder requirements and view the latest changes to their plans. Please visit the DMP website for their announcement and to view more about the tool. (

What is a DOI or ARK and how do you set one up? The UC Berkeley Library is offering assistance using EZID, a service that makes it easier for digital object producers (researchers and others) to obtain and manage long-term identifiers for their digital content.

EZID has these core functions:

- Create a persistent identifier: DOI or ARK

- Add and keep up to date object location

- Add and keep up to date object metadata

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Open Access Week & Beyond~

Open Access means free online access to scholarly articles and research. An Open Access article has limited copyright and licensing restrictions, may be read, downloaded, copied, or distributed. As with any scholarly resource, authors should be properly acknowledged and cited.

Why do we need it?
Open Access has the potential to maximize research investments, increase the exposure and use of published research, facilitate the abilitity to conduct research a cross available literature and enhance the overall advancement of scholarship.
High costs of published scholarly journals are a barrier to access and place a barrier between faculty research and their readers.

Resources at UC Berkeley:
Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) subsidizes fees charged to authors who select open access or paid access publications.
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) this directory lists many open access journals.
Scholarly Communication, UC Berkeley Library Collections, this website has many links to vast resources.

Three ways to make your article open access:
(visit website for details)

  1. Submit your article to an open-access journal.

  2. Publish in a hybrid open-access journal.

  3. Deposit your article in open-access archives or repositories.

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