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SpringerMaterials @ UCB

Looking for the right data can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack, in spite of having access to excellent resources like SpringerMaterials, the Landolt Bornstein Database.  Springer is working with UC Berkeley to show you the best way to use this unique database and to answer your questions.  Join us Wednesday, September 21st from 2 - 4 PM in the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library to learn all about SpringerMaterials.

Highlights of the session will include:

  • Overview of SpringerMaterials content and platform
  • Features: Periodic Table search, 3D molecule search
  • Introduction to the subset databases

Date: Wednesday,  September 21, 2011

Time: 2-4 PM

Location: Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Library Seminar Room F
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Scanning & Printing in the Libraries

The UC Berkeley libraries have a new system for making copies of printed materials, and for printing from the public computers. We no longer have photocopiers ~ we have BookScan Stations. Materials can be printed on paper, or scanned directly to a flash drive (available in the Moffitt Library Copy Center) at much lower costs.

For payment, use your Cal 1 Card with funds available in its debit account.  These cards are issued to UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff members.  Departmental cards are also available.

Visitors can request a Cal 1 Guest Card from the Circulation Desk in the Physics-Astronomy Library, the Moffitt Library Copy Center, or other library public service desks.

The new system does not accept coins or bills.   Until August 31, 2011, some coin-operated copiers and change machines will still be available in the locations listed below.  After that date, only the Moffitt Library Copy Center can accept alternate forms of payment.

As previously announced, Equitrac cards used with the former system will expire August 31, 2011.  Until that time, they can still be used at these locations:

  • Moffitt Library
  • Doe Library (2nd floor)
  • Environmental Design Library
  • Earth Sciences & Map Library
  • Biosciences and Natural Resources Library

Unused balances on Equitrac Cards (except for departmental cards) will not be refunded.

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Welcome Week~!

We will have an open house, Tea & Tour, for the new astronomy and physics graduate students on Wednesday, August 17, 2-4pm, in the Library.  Find out what we have and where it is, refreshments are provided.

The Library will be close from 1-5pm that day.

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Le Conte Hall roof repair

The roof directly above the Physics-Astronomy Library is being repaired this week, July 25-29, 2011.  We are monitoring the noise and possible fumes each day. Check the blog for any updates.

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SciFinder ~ new & improved.....

SciFinder is now web based, there is a one-time registration.  Instructions are at   Once you have registered, you can go directly to   Note that even with registration, off-campus access still requires the library proxy server, unless you are using the SciFinder Mobile platform on your smartphone. 

Whats new:

  • SciPlanner ? a digital workspace to create customized reaction pathways
  • Ability to save searches & automatically run them against all new records added to the database (Keep me posted/current awareness )
  • Similarity search on reactions, not just substances.
  • New sort features including sorting substance records by number of literature references & citations by no. of times cited.
  • Export physical property data to Microsoft® Excel.
  • Tag references with helpful descriptive user-defined and searchable terms
  • Add comments to specific references for sharing information and insights with colleagues.
  • You no longer have to use the campus VPN for off-campus access to SciFinder since the web version is compatible with the library proxy server.
  • SciFinder Mobile Platform -- use your web-enabled smartphone to search SciFinder ( this feature has no IP restrictions, so there is unlimited access and you don't have to be using the library proxy server or campus VPN.  No structure drawing and some other restrictions, see

    Originally posted by M. Mahoney.
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