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What is the Process for Developing New Directions?

To achieve our goals and objectives, we need a process - an open process - and the New Directions Coordinating Committee has been working to develop one. This is not a final plan, but an evolving one. The committee will modify and improve the process based on your feedback and ideas. Here is the process as it currently stands:


1. Discovery (October 2007-February 2008)

This is the phase where we provide opportunities to "learn about and reflect on the shifting Library environment."

  • External and internal speakers from libraries, higher education, and related fields will discuss changes in research, teaching, and the student environment and project the future needs of our various audiences. Invited speakers are listed in our Upcoming Events, which will be updated regularly as new events are confirmed.
  • The coordinating committee will plan town hall meetings to gather staff input about the questions and ideas inspired by the speakers.

2. Processing (February 2008-June 2008)

This is the phase where we engage staff expertise to work toward "a shared understanding" and "to develop possibilities for new and enhanced services, or new ways existing services can be provided." All of the ideas generated during the Discovery phase will be discussed, combined, reconfigured, grouped, focused, etc. during this phase.

  • A first retreat will identify themes, factors, and models that will likely drive our new directions at Berkeley.
  • A second retreat will articulate goals and activities for the Library, identify new services and strategic priorities, and suggest possible approaches to achieving them.

3. Action (June 2008 forward)

And it all leads up to this phase, where we "implement our new directions developed by staff."

  • Library Administration will develop action plans to accomplish our new directions, including recruitment, training, and development plans.

So, there is the tentative process - but we want your feedback. What do you think of the process? How could we improve it? What is missing? Join the discussion by commenting below.

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