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Click to call: another way to connect with users

I just had the experience of contacting Amazon.com about an order. I really wanted to talk with someone, but didn't want to go through voicemail hell to do it.

Fortunately, they use a "click to call" system. I clicked on the "Call me" button, and a new window popped up. I entered my phone number and chose when I wanted them to call (in this case, "right now").

A few seconds after I clicked OK on this, the phone rang. It was a live person who knew who I was and what order I was calling about. No waiting, no menu options to press.

To do this, Amazon uses a commercial product called eStara. Their website gives information and a demo.

No doubt this is not cheap, but it's extremely effective and gives the user an immediate sense of being catered to.



Apr 03, 2008 | Categories: Spirit of experimentation, What users want | jkupersm

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Comment from: gail ford [Visitor] Email
gail fordi've also used this servuce from Amazon...with great success. (I could hardly believe it...)

some other vendor also offered a "click here" for an instant message session with someone that was also just fine.

MUCH better than trying to find help on a website that doesn't use terms I can pre-guess...and much much more satisfying than the telephone tree that also often doesn't have the right choices. (anybody else have a package from Comcast for cable tv, phone, and internet? when you call comcast, you have to pick one service in order to enter the tree. "Bundle" is not an option. ????? )
04/14/08 @ 09:35