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"A Sociologist Says Students Aren't So Web-Wise After All"

This article in the Chronicle of Higher Education (April 29) underscores what other recent studies have shown.

 "Eszter Hargittai, an assistant professor in Northwestern University?s sociology department, has discovered that students aren?t nearly as Web-savvy as they, or their elders, assume.

"Ms. Hargittai studies the technological fluency of college freshmen. She found that they lack a basic understanding of such terms as BCC (blind copy on e-mail), podcasting, and phishing.  ...

"Ask your average 18-year-old: Does he know what RSS means? And he won?t. ... 

 "Students have difficulty evaluating the credibility of information online. Students have been told Wikipedia isn?t reliable, but they haven?t been told why exactly. Most students don?t know that wikis can be edited at that moment. Their eyes just open up wide when they find out."

Actually, the comments from readers are just as interesting as the article, for the experiences they share and the attitudes they reveal about age and ability, issues that are very real for us here.  Web 2.0 in action!

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