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Spiro Kostof Lectures Online


Spiro Kostof was a member of the faculty of the Department of Architecture from 1965 to 1991. A dedicated teacher and brilliant lecturer, he inspired an entire generation of architecture students. ?Although Kostof's scholarly activities were prodigious, his first love was teaching. Allan Temko, architecture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, has described Kostof's gifts most succinctly: ?Spiro Kostof is not only a great architectural historian, but one of the supreme teachers of our time... There is no question about the profound impact that Professor Kostof has had on students over the past quarter century. Wonderfully free of academic hauteur and pedantry, he has provided them with fresh insights into vernacular architecture at the same time that he has brilliantly analyzed the most important monuments in the world.? The thousands of students who studied with him--or who toured history and architecture with him through slides and words--were profoundly touched by his vision. His ideas were propelled by the dazzling and dramatic lecture style that transformed what others might have seen as mundane into provocative observations. In his lecture courses and seminars, he was a demanding teacher, but he never demanded more from others than he did from himself. Even after decades of teaching the survey of architecture and urbanism, he would work until early in the morning rewriting the text for the following day's lecture or assembling its images. [from Calisphere ]

It is fortunate for the Berkeley campus and for future generations of architectural students and scholars that a series of colorful and enlightening lectures from Kostof?s 1991 Architecture 170 class  were captured on video tape. The Media Resources Center has recently digitized these and made them available for online viewing.

Brief descriptions of the lectures and links to online video are posted HERE .

Kostof's Spring 1987 Commencement address is posted HERE

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