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LAUC Spring Assembly - Notes & Links


Librarians Association of the University of California Assembly 2011. Thursday, March 10, 2011, 10:30-4:00 pm.
University of California, Santa Barbara.

I've put together a brief synopsis of the events and speakers from the LAUC Assembly, with links to relevant web sites and documents.

Minutes were taken by the secretary and will be posted.
LAUC Blog:

Welcome: Sherry DeDecker & Lucia Snowhill, Co-Acting University Librarians
. Library will close Jan. 2012. new library will be under construction for about 2.5-3 years.

Janet Lockwood, Associate Director, Academic Personnel, Academic Advancement, UCOP (via Skype)
Just hired Susan Carlson. Vice Provost of Academic Personnel.
There will be a new "policy and compensation analyst" and  "employee labor relations" Observation of librarian census and diversity data reports, which are posted on the UCOP Human Resources website.:

Jesse Bernal; UC Diversity Coordinator reporting to the Provost on system-wide diversity efforts.
An "Ad Hoc committee on Campus climate" to identify best practices.

Dan Greenstein, Vice Provost, Academic Planning, Programs, and Coordination, UCOP via Skype
UC Online Instruction Pilot Project --

- Courses will be focused on main gateway courses.
- Selected 30 proposals to focus on.
- Online Letters of Intent - selected names, courses and campuses are listed.

- Each campus is working with faculty, a tech team and instructional designer..
- Will try to start a few courses in fall 2011, or spring 2012.
It was recommended that individual librarians contact the faculty members who are developing courses on their campuses and particular departments.

i. Memorial Resolutions Honoring Locke Morrisey(LAUC-I) and Patti Caravello (LAUC-LA)
ii. LAUC Resolution - University of California Budget Cuts.  (  This resolution was discussed and tabled for further discussion.

Bruce Miller, University Librarian, UCM
(Did not attend - Brian Schottlaender, University Librarian, UCSD.)

- reviewed the priorities for collection initiatives from the Next Gen Technical Services Report by the Council of University Librarians,

- see SLASIAC Library Planning Task Force
- draft initiatives - budget situation  requires quick action.
- shared services, technical services, collections.

Further: the Council of University Librarians charged SOPAG to implement selected action items from the SLASIAC Library Planning Task Force Report.  SOPAG has formed 3 small groups to work on the implementation.

See: The University of California Library Collection: Content for the 21st Century and Beyond.

Gene Lucas, Executive Vice Chancellor, UCSB / SLASIAC Chair
SLASIAC Library Planning Task Force
Out of space and out of money to get more space.
We need to act together: Shared Library Services & Space / Next Generation - initiatives.
UC Working Smarter initative - note Page 13 - Libraries.


SLASIAC, Library Planning Task Force: Interim Report :

Library Efficiencies:

Talked about decentralizing the budgets, while pursuing centralized human resources, business services etc.

Breakout Sessions with Next Generation LAUC Members
. Notes will be posted.

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LAUC Assembly: Next Generation LAUC


The Librarians Association of the University of California will be convening for the 2011 Assembly at UC Santa Barbara, March 10-11, 2011. The assembly agenda details are listed on the web site along with important reports. 
Your LAUC-B delegates are: Susan Koskinen, Chair, Nick Robinson, Vice-Chair, Ramona Martinez, Affiliated Representative, and Monica Singh, Executive Committee Delegate and substitute for Shannon Supple.

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Librarian Distinguished Step Working Group Report

You received, in your email,  the Library Distinguished Step Working Group Report and the attached excel spreadsheet of the optional salary scale document for the LAUC-Berkeley Division review.  This report has been sent to the Council of Librarians, who also charged the task group,  for their review and conclusion,

Please send commments to me,

Susan Koskinen, Chair, LAUC-B.

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LAUC-B Fall Assembly, Tuesday, November 16th

The LAUC-B Fall Assembly will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.
8:30-10am in the Morrison Library.

Refreshments will be served at 8:15, the general meeting to follow.
Brewster Kahle, our guest speaker will begin at 9:00am.
Visit to see many of his projects.

Please join us.

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Announcing the LAUC-B 2010 Distinguished Librarian Awards

The LAUC-B Distinguished Librarian Award Committee is very pleased to announce that the recipients of the 2010 awards are Gary Handman and Barclay Ogden.

Each of our Distinguished Librarians has accumulated a body of achievements that has not only significantly advanced the research mission of the university but has also rewritten the professional conversations in their respective fields.

  • Gary Handman has built the Media Resources Center into one of the largest and most respected such collections in the U.S., complemented by a heavily used website notable for its extensive bibliographies, videographies, and online materials. He is deeply involved in campus teaching and research, teaching courses himself in the Film Department as well as advising faculty, one of whom calls him "a gem ... one of the most valuable assets within the University of California library system." In addition to authoring one of the standard texts on video collection development and writing numerous articles and reviews, he helped found ALA's Video Round Table and the VIDEOLIB listserv, described as "the single most valued reference tool for media librarians." Gary has been centrally involved in national discussions regarding evolving standards and methods for digital media delivery. He organized the first national conference of video librarians, video distributors, and filmmakers devoted to discussing evolving models for streamed video licensing. Gary has also taken a leading role in national discussions concerning digital media and copyright, including successfully advocating for broadening the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act law related to educational uses of DVDs. These efforts included organizing written comments from over 100 video librarians nationwide, and testifying at Copyright Office hearings along with two UCB faculty colleagues. An ALA official involved in this effort writes "we [ALA] could not have made these arguments without Gary's time and help,: and calls Gary "the natural 'go to guy' on all things relating to media librarianship."
  • Untold numbers of books and other materials are available to users today because of Barclay Ogden's work as a preservation librarian. Every campus library has benefited both from his immediate responsiveness (occasionally in the middle of the night) and from his insightful long range planning. Not content to respond to problems, Barclay created the Library's disaster plan, the At Risk Materials Project (ARM), which pro-actively identified materials most at risk of damage or loss, and the Preservation Liaison Program, which created a Preservation liaison in each Library unit.  Barclay was instrumental in developing the University of California Preservation Program, which led to the creation of conservation labs at libraries throughout the UC system. The program established "best practices" for collection maintenance and, according to one commenter, "is recognized as a model program by conservation librarians throughout the United States." Barclay is a co-creator of an influential online tool for preservation planning, CALIPR, and has also created a prototype, PRISM, which was developed in conversation with commercial risk professionals.  Barclay has played major roles in two programs which make it possible for libraries pool their preservation resources, the University of California Preservation Program and the Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service. He has also influenced the development of national binding standards, consulted widely, lectured internationally, and has managed over twenty-five major grants. In 2009, Barclay received the American Library Association's Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award. A colleague commented that "When one thinks of library preservation in this country, one thinks of Barclay. He has been perhaps the key figure at the national level for some thirty years."

The members of the award committee are Corliss Lee, Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services (chair), Elizabeth Byrne, Environmental Design Library Marlene Harmon, Law Library John Kupersmith, Doe/Moffitt Instructional Services and George Oster, Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology.

To celebrate the achievements of our new Distinguished Librarians we invite all library staff to join Chancellor Birgeneau, University Librarian Tom Leonard and the Librarians' Association at a reception, which will take place on December 1, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Morrison Library.


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2010-11 LAUC-B election results

Announcing the members of the 2010-11 LAUC-B Executive Committee.

LAUB-B offices:

Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Nick Robinson
Secretary: Shannon Supple
Library Representative: Kathleen Gallagher, Monica Singh
Affiliated Library Representative: Jennifer Nelson

LAUC Statewide:

Vice President/President Elect: Mitchell Brown (UCI)
Secretary: Cynthia Jahns Moriconi (UCSC)

Thank you to all the nominees. And thank you to the Nominating and Elections Committee (Jason Schultz, Myrtis Cochran, Jianye He, and John Gallwey) for successfully administering the first, complete online election.

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U. of California Considers Online Classes, or Even Degrees

U. of California Considers Online Classes, or Even Degrees Proposal for virtual courses challenges beliefs about what an elite university is?and isn't --
By Josh Keller and Marc Parry
Oakland, Calif.
Online education is booming, but not at elite universities?at least not when it comes to courses for credit.
Leaders at the University of California want to break that mold. This fall they hope to put $5-million to $6-million into a pilot project that could clear the way for the system to offer online undergraduate degrees and push distance learning further into the mainstream.

The vision is UC's most ambitious?and controversial?effort to reshape itself after cuts in public financial support have left the esteemed system in to complete article

Article posted on the Chronicle of Higher Education. May 9, 2010.

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Technological Evolution to Save the Elite Public University

Chris Edley at the Center for the Study of Higher Education 4/20/10

§    Anecdote:  a significant number of transfer students recently declined
to come to UCB and instead went to the online University of Phoenix ? a high percentage were students of color

  • Speculation:  they didn?t want to leave their communities? Geography?
  • We may fall short of our Master Plan for Education obligations

§ WHY? ? his motivation: social justice

  • Elite education = quality but doesn?t have to be exclusive
  • Probably many of the online students would attend part time while working

§ Technology & Higher Education:

  • Plan A:

§ Growth of hybrid education
§ Convenience technologies like podcasts
§ Some fully online courses through Extension & Summer Sessions
§ Semester abroad in Cyberspace
§ Some remedial courses or impacted courses
§ Certificate programs
§ Professional masters? degrees

  • There are already hundreds of online courses at UC
  • Plan B:  the aspiration

§ Virtual campus drawing interested top teachers systemwide
§    Academic Senate course approvals
§ BA degrees
§ AA degrees in partnership with community colleges
§    Selective admissions process
§ Asynchronous videos ? very high quality, guest speakers could include Nobel laureates
§ Also:  high-touch sections with GSIs, advanced social networking, tutoring, assessment tools
§ Courses authored by the best teachers in the UCs
§  At the same time as courses on physical campuses
Someone will figure out how to do this at an elite university- it ought to be UC

§ Two imperatives:

  • Expands access
  • Durable business model

§    Six questions UC must answer:

  • Can we do this at the UC level of quality?  How do we define quality?
  • Can it be done at scale in order to expand access & improve affordability
  • Is it financially sustainable
  • Can it produce net revenue that could subsidize on-campus education?
  • Are there important opportunities for UC to help drive innovation in pedagogy and technology?
  • Longer term:  can success be leveraged to build partnerships that
    benefit college readiness (k-12) and/or provide high quality education in developing countries

§    He and Dan Greenstein are working on a plan: already a 19 page plan outline

  • Planning & fundraising
  • 25-35 lower division courses for on campus students ? an experiment
  • distance ed lower division courses, eventually an AA degree (partner w/CC?s)
  • online BA degree from UC ? 100 courses
  • extend for college readiness pipeline
  • globalization  - partners in developing countries

This was just the beginning ? a very dense, provocative presentation?stay tuned!
--Corliss Lee

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