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Technological Evolution to Save the Elite Public University

Chris Edley at the Center for the Study of Higher Education 4/20/10

§    Anecdote:  a significant number of transfer students recently declined
to come to UCB and instead went to the online University of Phoenix ? a high percentage were students of color

  • Speculation:  they didn?t want to leave their communities? Geography?
  • We may fall short of our Master Plan for Education obligations

§ WHY? ? his motivation: social justice

  • Elite education = quality but doesn?t have to be exclusive
  • Probably many of the online students would attend part time while working

§ Technology & Higher Education:

  • Plan A:

§ Growth of hybrid education
§ Convenience technologies like podcasts
§ Some fully online courses through Extension & Summer Sessions
§ Semester abroad in Cyberspace
§ Some remedial courses or impacted courses
§ Certificate programs
§ Professional masters? degrees

  • There are already hundreds of online courses at UC
  • Plan B:  the aspiration

§ Virtual campus drawing interested top teachers systemwide
§    Academic Senate course approvals
§ BA degrees
§ AA degrees in partnership with community colleges
§    Selective admissions process
§ Asynchronous videos ? very high quality, guest speakers could include Nobel laureates
§ Also:  high-touch sections with GSIs, advanced social networking, tutoring, assessment tools
§ Courses authored by the best teachers in the UCs
§  At the same time as courses on physical campuses
Someone will figure out how to do this at an elite university- it ought to be UC

§ Two imperatives:

  • Expands access
  • Durable business model

§    Six questions UC must answer:

  • Can we do this at the UC level of quality?  How do we define quality?
  • Can it be done at scale in order to expand access & improve affordability
  • Is it financially sustainable
  • Can it produce net revenue that could subsidize on-campus education?
  • Are there important opportunities for UC to help drive innovation in pedagogy and technology?
  • Longer term:  can success be leveraged to build partnerships that
    benefit college readiness (k-12) and/or provide high quality education in developing countries

§    He and Dan Greenstein are working on a plan: already a 19 page plan outline

  • Planning & fundraising
  • 25-35 lower division courses for on campus students ? an experiment
  • distance ed lower division courses, eventually an AA degree (partner w/CC?s)
  • online BA degree from UC ? 100 courses
  • extend for college readiness pipeline
  • globalization  - partners in developing countries

This was just the beginning ? a very dense, provocative presentation?stay tuned!
--Corliss Lee

May 13, 2010 | Categories: Speakers and Presentations | skoskinen

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