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Make It A Double Singularity Of Fredric Jameson On The Rocks: The 2011-2012 Avenali Lecture

Fredric Jameson, the esteemed literary theorist and critic (as well as a man whose books have appeared on this blog many times), will be giving the 2011-2012 Avenali Lecture this Tuesday night (February 28) at 6pm at the Chevron Auditorium in the International House. This lecture is titled "The Aesthetics of Singularity." To commorate leap day, a follow up panel discussion with Fredric Jameson, Whitney Davis, Martin Jay, Colleen Lye, and Robert Kaufman will take place Wednesday (February 29) from 12 to 2pm in the Maude Fife Room, 315 Wheeler Hall--and to think this day didn't even exist a year ago. These events are sponsered by the the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities at UC Berkeley and are made possible thanks to the generous gift of Peter and Joan Avenali.

Below are a few of the many books written by Fredric Jamson in the Graduate Services Collection. Come read a few in anticipation of this great event. Enjoy.



Archaeologies Of The Future: The Desire Called Utopia And Other Science Fictions


The Cultural Turn: Selected Writings On The Postmodern, 1983-1998


The Geopolitical Aesthetic: Cinema And Space In The World System


The Ideologies Of Theory: Essays 1971-1988 Volumes 1 And 2


Postmodernism, Or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism


Valences Of The Dialectic


Signatures Of The Visible


The Seeds Of Time


The Prison-House Of Language: A Critical Account Of Structuralism And Russian Formalism


The Political Unconscious: Narrative As A Socially Symbolic Act


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The Emperor's New Year's Clothes Rack: New Books In Graduate Services In January

The New Year brought resolutions to some of you, while it also brought new books to Graduate Services for some of you to use. What's more, these books have a shelf life longer than most resolutions, as they are usually much harder to break. I mean, just look around Graduate Services. You don't see many broken books lying around do you. There might be books about breaks, gaps, and various lacunae. But not many broken books. No, not very many broken books at all. And speaking of books, some good ones arrived while most students were still enjoying their winter break. The Baudrillard Dictionary came in holding hands with the new revised Deleuze Dictionary, and both were being escorted by a few new Foucault books. Poor little Les Annees d'Hiver, 1980-1985 by Felix Guattari followed hurriedly behind in his ill fitting English attire wondering what that damn Deleuze Dictionary had to say about him. Books by Alain Badiou, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Jacques Ranciere strutted along in their au naturel French laughing a laugh no one could understand, while the volumes of animal poems by Ted Hughes ran wild around Allen Ginsberg's If Not Forever: A Letter to Jack Kerouac, which Wendell Berry's WIndow Poems pleaded with to be a bit more transparent as an animal poem nudged his nose between his pages. Yes, it was a crazy January here in Graduate Services and many other books had a good time too. Too many to talk about them all right now though. Let's just say The Empire of Signs might or might not have played a part in The Original Accident. Oh, and by the way, the Foucault books seemed to really like their ill fitting attire. Enjoy.



Second Manifeste Pour La Philosophie by Alain Badiou


Empire Of Signs by Roland Barthes


Window Poems by Wendell Berry


The Baudrillard Dictionary edited by Richard G. Smith


The Deleuze Dictionary (Revised Edition) edited by Adrian Parr


The Well-Protected Domains: Ideology and the Legitimation of Power in the Ottoman Empire, 1876-1909 by Selim Deringil


The Courage of Truth (The Government of Self and Others II): Lectures at the College de France, 1983-1984 by Michel Foucault


Manet and the Object of Painting by Michel Foucault


Plays 3: The Firstborn; The Boy With A Cat; A Phoenix Too Frequent; Thor, With Angels; A Sleep Of Prisoners; Caedmon Construed; and A Ringing Of Bells by Christopher Fry


The Train Driver by Athol Fugard


If Not Forever: A Letter to Jack Kerouac by Allen Ginsberg


Fleck: A Verse Comedy by Alasdair Gray


Les Annees d'Hiver, 1980-1985 by Felix Guattari


Collected Animal Poems volumes 1-4 by Ted Hughes


A Chancer by James Kelman


Hardie and Baird & Other Plays by James Kelman


Sur le Commerce des Pensees: Du Livre et de la Librairie by Jean-Luc Nancy


Tombe de Sommeil by Jean-Luc Nancy


Verite de la Democratie by Jean-Luc Nancy


The Living Unknown Soldier: A Story of Grief and the Great War by Jean-Yves Le Naour


Small Avalanches and Other Stories by Joyce Carol Oates


Charles Oslon At Goddard College, April 12-14, 1962 edited by Kyle Schlesinger


L'inconscient Esthetique by Jacques Ranciere


Le Spectateur Emancipe by Jacques Ranciere


The Original Accident by Paul Virilio


Selected Letters of Robert Penn Warren volume 5: Backward Glances and New Visions, 1969-1979 edited by Randy Hendricks and James A. Perkins

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The Notebooks of Robert Frosty the Snowman: New Books In Graduate Services In December

A Santa's bag full of books arrived here in Graduate Services before Christmas this year. I am talking a good haul for the month of December my friend. Just scroll on down and take a look see. I bet there are a few down there you hope wind up in your stocking the morning of the 25th. I'm fired up for the second volume of the Letters of Samuel Beckett myself. I just hope my stocking can hold it up without falling into the fire place, as these letters do not look to be minimal in the least. Hey, I love the Graduate Services collection, but sometimes I need to read at home. And not only can you not take books out of Graduate Services--no, not even me--but Graduate Services will be closed for this last week of December. You remember that earlier post don't you? Well, they will all be here when Graduate Services opens up again January 2nd, 2012. Enjoy them then and enjoy your time off from the library between now and then.



Five Lessons On Wagner by Alain Badiou


The Letters of Samuel Beckett Volume II: 1941-1956 edited by Lois More Overbeck


Elizabeth Bowen's Selected Irish Writings edited by Eibhear Walshe

de cluny

Vita Sancti Geraldi Auriliacensis by Odon de Cluny edited by Anne-Marie Bultot-Verleysen


The Derrida Dictionary by Simon Morgan Wortham


Against Method: New Edition by Paul Feyerabend


The Notebooks of Robert Frost edited by Robert Faggen


The Ends of Our Tethers: 13 Stories by Alasdair Gray


A History Maker by Alasdair Gray


The Nick of Time: Politics, Evolution, and the Untimely by Elizabeth Grosz


A Free Man Of Color by John Guare


An Old Pub Near the Angel And Other Stories by James Kelman


If It Is Your Life by James Kelman


Day by A.L. Kennedy


Dreaming and Scheming: Reflections on Writing and Politics by Hanif Kureishi


The Lyotard Dictionary edited by Stuart Sim


The Birds of Heaven: Travels With Cranes by Peter Matthiessen


Tigers in the Snow by Peter Matthiessen


George Orwell: Corresponance avec son traducteur Rene-Noel Raimbault


The Daring Flight of My Pen: Cultural Politics and Gaspar Perez de Villagra's Historia de la Nueve, Mexico, 1610 by Genaro M. Padilla


Selected Poems by Robert Pinsky


European Romanticism: A Reader edited by Stephen Prickett


Aux Bords du Politique by Jacques Ranciere


Malaise dans l'Esthetique by Jacques Ranciere


Barack Obama and the Jim Crow Media:  The Return of the Nigger Breakers by Ishmael Reed


Babylonian Horoscopes by Francesca Rochberg


A Concise Companion to History edited by Ulinka Rublack


Television: Technology and Cultural Form by Raymond Williams


The essential Zizek: The Ticklish Subject: The Absent Centre of Political Ontology by Slavoj Zizek


First as Tragedy, Then as Farce by Slavoj Zizek

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Our Trash, Your Treasure: Free Literary Journals and Magazines For the Taking in Graduate Services

History journals free for the public to take were put on the shelves as you walk into Graduate Services a few years ago. And they pretty much sat there until we removed them from the shelves six months ago. Not one to learn from our past actions, Graduate Services has once again graced these shelves with more, yet different, journals. And some popular magazines. Old issues of The Paris Review and other literary and poetry journals are now up on these shelves for you to take home with you as you enter or leave Graduate Services. There are also older issues of some popular magazines on these shelves too: National Geographic, Vanity Fair, The New York Times Book Review and Magazine to name four. Lots of one off issues of older poetry journals too. I mean like 1980s old. When Robert Pinsky and Stephen Greenblatt were teaching here old. But where did these come from you ask? Don't worry, we're not pulling these journals and magazines from the UC Berkeley library collection. No, these are duplicative copies donated from our sibling library, the Morrison Reading Room. And with the Library Book Store closing, they might be past their prime down there, but we have the shelf space for them right up here in Graduate Services. Come in and grab a few. You probably won't regret it.

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Summer in Alaska: Winter Break Hours in Graduate Services

Starting December 18th and going through January 15th, Graduate Services will have abbreviated hours. Graduate Services will be open Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm. A month of no nights or weekends. That said, Graduate Services will probably then be like Alaska in the summer this next month. They don't have weekends there do they? If you have any other questions, I hope our hours online can help you out. They can be found here. Have fun winter breaking.

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