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New Books In Graduate Services In October

The unspeakable girl : the myth and mystery of Kore

The Unspeakable Girl: The Myth And Mystery Of Kore by Giorgio Agamben and Monica Ferrando

The selected=

The Selected Writings Of Eqbal Ahmad edited by Carollee Bengelsdorf, Margaret Cerullo, and Yogesh Chandrani with a foreward by Noam Chomsky

Against world literature : On the politics of untranslatability

Against World Literature: On The Politics Of Untranslatability by Emily Apter

The translation zone : a new comparative literature

The Translation Zone: A New Comparative Literature by Emily Apter

Jacques lacan, past and present : a dialogue

Jacques Lacan, Past And Present: A Dialogue by Alain Badiou & Elisabeth Roudinesco

Acts of memory : cultural recall in the present

Acts Of Memory: Cultural Recall In The Present edited by Mieke Bal, Jonathan Crewe, and Leo Spitzer

Echo's bones

Echo's Bones by Samuel Beckett edited by Mark Nixon

Writing your journal article in 12 weeks : a guide to academic publishing success

Writing Your Journal Article In 12 Weeks: A Guide To Academic Publishing Success by Wendy Laura Belcher

Distant neighbors : the selected=

Distant Neighbors: The Selected Letters Of Wendell Berry And Gary Snyder edited by Chad Wriglesworth

Nova express

Nova Express: The Restored Text by William S. Burroughs edited with an introduction by Oliver Harris

The soft machine : the restored text

The Soft Machine: The Restored Text by William S. Burroughs edited with an introduction by Oliver Harris

The ticket that exploded : the restored text

The Ticket That Exploded: The Restored Text by William S. Burroughs edited with an introduction by Oliver Harris

The Cambridge introduction to literature and philosophy

The Cambridge Introduction To Literature And Philosophy by Anthony J. Cascardi

Discourse on colonialism

Discourse On Colonialism by Aime Cesaire with a new introduction by Robin D.G. Kelley

The black hole of empire : history of a global practice of power

The Black Hole Of Empire: History Of A Global Practice Of Power by Partha Chatterjee

Our word is our bond : how legal speech acts

Our Word Is Our Bond: How Legal Speech Acts by Marianne Constable

For Strasbourg : conversations of friendship and philosophy

For Strasbourg: Conversations Of Friendship And Philosophy by Jacques Derrida

Culture and the death of God

Culture And The Death Of God by Terry Eagleton

Walter Benjamin : a critical life

Walter Benjamin: A Critical Life by Howard Eiland and Michael W. Jennings

Paradise In The Waste Land: Early Works by T.S. Eliot with an introduction by Jeremiah Webster

Taps at reveille

Taps At Reveille: The Cambridge Edition Of The Works Of F. Scott Fitzgerald edited by James L. W. West III

Wrong-doing, truth-telling : the function of avowal in justice

Wrong-Doing, Truth-Telling: The Function Of Avowal In Justice by Michel Foucault edited by Fabienne Brion and Bertrand E. Harcourt

The shadow of the hummingbird

The Shadow Of The Hummingbird by Athol Fugard

Postcolonial melancholia

Postcolonial Melancholia by Paul Gilroy

The Heidegger concordance

The Heidegger Concordance v.1-3 by Francois Jaran and Christophe Perrin with a forward by Theodore Kisiel

On the names-of-the-father

On The Names-Of-The-Father by Jacques Lacan translated by Bruce Fink

Faithful Labourers : A Reception History Of Paradise Lost, 1667-1970 Volume I: Style & Genre by John Leonard

Faithful labourers : a reception history of Paradise lost, 1667-1970

Faithful Labourers: A Reception History Of Paradise Lost, 1667-1970 Volume II: Interpretative Issues by John Leonard

Trolls : an unnatural history

Trolls: An Unnatural History by John Lindow

Chaucer, Langland, and fourteenth-century literary history

Chaucer, Langland, And Fourteenth-Century Literary History by Anne Middleton edited by Steven Justice

The Complete Works Of Friedrich Nietzsche: Beyond Good And Evil/On The Genealogy Of Morality translated with an afterword by Adrian Del Caro

A Prayer Journal by Flannery O'Connor edited with an introduction by W. A. Sessions

Lunch poems

Lunch Poems: Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition by Frank O'Hara with a preface by John Ashbery

Entertaining Mr Sloane

Entertaining Mr. Sloane: 50th Anniversary Edition by Joe Orton indtroduced by Emma Parker

The transformation of the world : a global history of the nineteenth century

The Transformation Of The World: A Global History Of The Nineteenth Century by Jurgen Osterhammel

Self-Projection: The Director's Image In Art Cinema by Linda Haverty Rugg

Death and the afterlife

Death And The Afterlife by Samuel Scheffler with commentaries by Susan Wolf, Harry G. Frankfurt, Seana Valentine Shiffrin, Niko Kolodny and edited and introduced by Niko Kolondy

The informed air : essays

The Informed Air: Essays by Muriel Spark

An aesthetic education in the era of globalization

An Aesthetic Education In The Era Of Globalization by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Winterward by William Stafford

Tender buttons

Tender Buttons: The Corrected Centennial Edition by Gertrude Stein edited by Seth Perlow with an afterword by Juliana Spahr

Becoming a poet in Anglo-Saxon England

Becoming A Poet In Anglo-Saxon England by Emily V. Thornbury

Distant Strangers: How Britain Became Modern by James Vernon

O starry starry night : a play

O Starry Starry Night by Derek Walcott

Derek Walcott. Volume 1, Culture, society, literature, and art : the journeyman years : occasional prose 1957-1974

Derek Walcott: The Journeyman Years, Occasional Prose, 1957-1974 Volume 1: Culture, Society, Literature, And Art edited by Gordon Collier

The journeyman years. : Volume 2, Performing arts occasional prose 1957-1974

Derek Walcott: The Journeyman Years, Occasional Prose, 1957-1974 Volume 2: Performing Arts edited by Christopher Balme and Gordon Collier

Van Gogh on demand : China and the readymade

Van Gogh On Demand: China And The Readymade by Winnie Won Yin Wong

The Deleuze and Guattari dictionary

The Deleuze & Guattari Dictionary by Eugene B. Young with Gary Genosko and Janell Watson

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Graduate Services Open Until 7pm On Fridays Now!

Beginning August 29th, Graduate Services will be open until 7pm on Fridays. You can find Graduate Services hours here.

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New Books In Graduate Services In July

On the reproduction of capitalism : ideology and ideological state apparatuses

On The Reproduction Of Capitalism: Ideology And Ideological State Apparatuses by Louis Althusser with a preface by Etienne Balibar and an introduction by Jacques Bidet

Collected French translations : Poetry

Collected French Translations: Prose by John Ashbery edited by Rosanne Wasserman and Eugene Richie

Jimmy's blues and other poems

Jimmy's Blues And Other Poems by James Baldwin with an introduction by Nikky Finney

The double life of Paul de Man

The Double Life Of Paul De Man by Evelyn Barish

Dictionary of untranslatables : a philosophical lexicon

Dictionary Of Untranslatables: A Philosophical Lexicon edited by Barbara Cassin

The selected=

The Selected Letters Of Robert Creeley edited by Rod Smith, Peter Baker, and Kaplan Harris

Selected poems

Robert Graves: Selected Poems edited by Michael Longley

The haunted life : and other writings

The Haunted Life And Other Writings by Jack Kerouac edited by Todd Tietchen

Last word

The Last Word by Hanif Kureishi

Secret reports on Nazi Germany : the Frankfurt School contribution to the war effort

Secret Reports On Nazi Germany: The Frankfurt School Contribution To The War Effort: Franz Neumann, Herbert Marcuse, Otto Kirchheimer edited by Raffaele Laudani with a forward by Raymond Geuss

Novels and stories of the 1960s

Novels And Stories Of The 1960s: A New Life, The Fixer, Pictures Of Fidelman: An Exhibition, Ten Stories by Bernard Malamud edited by Philip Davis

Ghost Tantras

Ghost Tantras by Michael McClure

The moon before morning

The Moon Before Morning by W.S. Merwin

Distant reading

Distant Reading by Franco Moretti

High crime area : tales of darkness and dread.

High Crime Area: Tales Of Darkness And Dread by Joyce Carol Oates

Feeling in theory : emotion after the

Feeling In Theory: Emotion After The "Death Of The Subject" by Rei Terada

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