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Moffitt's revitalized Information Gateway

New books display in Moffitt Library

In anticipation of a major renovation set for the Moffitt Undergraduate Library in 2015, the so-called Information Gateway on the third floor has already been transformed. The reference desk, print reference collection, and many tired beige PCs have been supplanted by 30 fast iMacs and lots of cool, cozy, and modern seating configured for laptop and tablet users (you can even borrow them there). The space is buzzing like never before, but what gives me the most pride as a librarian of seven years in the UC Berkeley Library is the decision to keep the bookshelves and do something utterly novel with them on a grand scale.

"The lounge is ringed by 2,000 new books on a wealth of subjects, attractively displayed in their book jackets, as in a bookstore, and available for check-out," writes Cathy Cockell in the UC Berkeley Newscenter. What's not mentioned is that these 2,000 books constitute nearly every book processed and cataloged for the Doe/Moffitt Libraries in a 3-4 week period. They are then arranged by Library of Congress classification for all to peruse before they are shelved indefinitely in the Main Stacks.

No new book goes undisplayed in the Moffitt Lobby, providing a unique opportunity for the library's users to delight in the incredible spectrum of materials acquired in all subjects, from around the world, and across languages. These walls of books are a testament to UC Berkeley's commitment to not only the printed book but also to the linguistic and cultural diversity of the planet, unfiltered by translation. From French books on African philosophy to 12-volume sets on the history of Thailand before 1782 in Thai to the orginal Dutch version of David Van Reybrouck's Congo: een geschiedenis, there's something for everyone. I commend the Library for putting its resources into this extra workflow that facilitates serendiptious discovery. This is Berkeley at its best as you can see for yourself in the Flickr slideshow!

And don't forget that new acquisition lists for books  in the Romance languages can still be viewed aquí, ici, and qui anytime from anywhere.

E-books in French from Numerique Premium

A subsidiary of the publisher Nouveau Monde éditions, Numérique Premium is a leading provider of e-books in the humanities and social sciences. In partnership with more than 30 publishers in the French-speaking world, they currently offer about 1,000 ebooks. UC Berkeley has access to their entire collection through May 30. Please take a look and send your feedback to cpotts AT

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Portugal's Carnation Revolution: April 25, 1974

Bernice Layne Brown Gallery through September 2, 2014
Doe Memorial Library

Check for hours.

April 25, 1974 was at once an ending and a beginning. First and foremost it was the end of the Estado Novo dictatorial regime and the beginning of Portugal's democratic process. With materials from the University Library's Portuguese collection, this exhibition commemorates the fortieth anniversary of the country's bloodless military coup and transition from dictatorship to democracy. When the population descended into Lisbon's streets to celebrate, soldiers put carnations in the barrels of their guns and tanks, signaling that there would be no violence. A poem by Ary dos Santos -the poet of the revolution - translated here for the first time into English, weaves throughout the exhibit cases along with dazzlingly radiant reproductions of artwork by António Pimentel (whose illustrations accompanied the first edition published in 1975) and black and white images by documentary photographers such as Alfredo Cunha and Carlos Gil.

Sponsored by the Portuguese Studies Program, Institute of European Studies, and the UC Berkeley Library with additional support from the Luso-American Foundation in Lisbon, Centro de Documentação 25 de Abril at the University of Coimbra, Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua and the Consulate General of Portugal in San Francisco.

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Editoria Italiana Online

Elsa Morante: l'ultimo romanzo possibile

The University Library is pleased to announce the acquisition of its first ever Italian e-book and e-journal collection. The subset of Editoria Italiana Online (EIO) comprises nearly 800 e-books and 50 scholarly journals published in Italy including Critica letteraria, Filologia e critica, Italia medioevale e umanistica. It comes to us via Casalini Libri's full-text digital platform Torrossa. Most titles are in the humanities and social sciences and include works from prominent publishers such as Bulzoni, Carocci, Firenze University Press, Polistampa, Palerno, Viella, and more. The available backfiles to all journals have also been acquired and approximately 50 new e-books will be added every year. Once the records have been loaded to OskiCat, they'll be discoverable there but at the moment, Berkeley's holdings in EIO can only be accessed through Torrossa.

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French Revolution Digital Archive (FRDA)

French Revolution Digital Archives

The French Revolution Digital Archive (FRDA) is a multi-year collaboration of the Stanford University Libraries and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) to produce a digital version of the key research sources of the French Revolution and make them available to the international scholarly community. The archive is based around two main resources, the Archives parlementaires and a vast corpus of images first brought together in 1989 and known as the Images de la Revolution française.

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