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JSTOR Arts & Sciences XIV

Presénce Africaine
Nine UC campuses (all except UCSF) now have access to JSTOR Arts & Sciences XIV Collection which brings together more than 140 journals devoted to the study of culture and communication, from civilization's earliest traces to the growth and governance of peoples. A group of titles in science and technology also cover aspects of STEM education, and explore the legal implications, cultural impact, and historical development of science and technology. All titles are new to the JSTOR platform at the time of launch. Journals in the collection span 17 countries, 23 disciplines, and date back to 1839. They are drawn primarily from the fields of Archaeology, Language & Literature, Communications Studies, Asian Studies, Political Science, and Education.

Those in Romance languages and/or dealing with European Studies:

Nov 24, 2015 | Categories: Français, Português, Italiano, E-journals | cpotts

Year 2 of funding for less commonly taught European languages

Last year, the Institute of European Studies established a special fund to support the UC Berkeley Library in acquiring materials in less commonly taught European languages (LCTLs). Students, both undergraduate and graduate, lecturers and faculty who wish to use library materials (books, ebooks, graphic novels, dissertations, DVDs, etc.) in a European LCTL and published in Europe that are currently not available on the Berkeley campus, can fill out the Library Recommendation Form and mention "IES LCTL Support" in the Comments section.

This support only applies to LCTLs that are still spoken today in Western, Northern, or Southern Europe (i.e. all European languages with the exception of German, French, Italian and Spanish); no support will be given for classical or extinct languages nor for Slavic and other Eastern European languages supported by the Institute of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies.

A few titles acquired last year include:

Nov 02, 2015 | Categories: New Acquisitions, Català, Português, Gallego, Românã | cpotts

Orpheu and the Avant-Garde Poetry conference

1915 : o ano do Orpheu / organização, Steffen Dix (Lisboa: Tinta China, 2015)

An all-day conference commemorating the Portuguese literary journal Revista Orpheu will take place this Friday, October 16 at UC Berkeley's Institute of European Studies. An exhibition will follow.

Oct 13, 2015 | Categories: Português, Exhibits, Conferences | cpotts

Comics and Graphic Novels from Spain

Paco Roca

Locating comics and graphic novels in the Library is hardly straight forward but this guide for recent publications from Spain is one of many short bibliographies to come. Francophone Europe and Italy are next! For more information, see the new Library Research Guide for European Comics & Graphic Novels.

Sep 30, 2015 | Categories: New Acquisitions, Español, Bibliographies | cpotts

¿Start your search?

[Pl. en reg. p. 6 :] Victorin prenant son vol. [Cote : BnF-microfilm R 18404-18405]

The Library's new discovery tool - Start your search - can bring together content of interest to those working in the Romance languages. Resources like MLA, Historical Abstracts, Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Project Muse, JSTOR, FRANCIS,, Torrossa as well as open access journal collections such as Persée, RACO, SciELO, etc. are all included. However, it is not a substitute for powerful discipline-specific article databases but facilitates cross-database searching in ways that OskiCat and Melvyl cannot. Read more about the benefits and limitations of this new search tool here.

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