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Berkeley Seismological Lab Lawson Lecture April 14, 2009

BSL logo

Chris Poland
of Degenkolb Engineers will give the annual Lawson Lecture on Tuesday, April 14 at 6pm in Sibley Auditorium at the Bechtel Engineering Center on the UC Berkeley campus.

This year's lecture, "Building Resilient Communities: Fresh Challenges for Earthquake
Professionals" will present the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research
Association's (SPUR) Resilient City Initiative.

From the BSL Lawson Lecture site: "Healthy communities grow by leveraging intellectual capital to drive economic development while protecting cultural heritage. In the San Francisco Bay Area, as in other regions where earthquakes occur, success depends in part on the ability to rebound from major earthquakes. But action plans for reducing losses have stalled. Chris Poland will present the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association's (SPUR) Resilient City Initiative. This Initiative is an effort to avoid post-Katrina-type problems by defining the seismic hazards and response performance goals for San Francisco in terms that everyone can understand. SPUR's path and plans will improve San Francisco's ability to recover and are a guide for other cities preparing to cope with disasters."

You can find a list of past Lawson Lectures, from 2003
on, many with links to presentation material and a webcast of the
lecture itself, on the BSL site.


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Rapid disappearance of Antarctica's ice shelves

Diagram of an ice shelf

The USGS has released a report that notes Antarctica's glaciers are melting due to climate change at a quicker pace than previously known. The study documents, for the first time, that the Wordie Ice Shelf has disappeared and that the northern end of the Larsen Ice Shelf no longer exists. An area three times the size of the state of Rhode Island has disappeared from the Larsen Ice Shelf since 1986.

From the USGS press release: "Using historical and recent satellite imagery, aerial photography and other data, as well as the newest mapping techniques, the USGS study released today maps recent glacier retreat along Antarctica?s Larsen and Wordie Ice Shelves. It represents is just one map of several upcoming studies of Antarctica's glaciers."

More information is available in the USGS Geologic Investigations Series Maps I-2600 Coastal-Change and Glaciological Maps of Antarctica and I-2600-B, Coastal-Change and Glaciological Map of the Larsen Ice Shelf Area, Antarctica: 1940?2005.

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ESRI TV on YouTube


ESRI, the makers of ArcGIS and many other GIS software products, have posted over 120 instructional videos on YouTube. Users can now view how-to information and demonstrations from anywhere without having to use the ESRI help file in the respective software.

Currently, topics include: ArcGIS Explorer, Law Enforcement, Public Works, and What's New in ArcGIS 9.3, among others. You can find all the videos on the ESRITV channel on YouTube.

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Redoubt volcano activity

Redoubt volcano errupting

Alaska's Redoubt volcano, near Anchorage, Alaska, began erupting March 22, 2009 and has done so six times in the past two days. Mount Redoubt has erupted three other times in the 20th century: 1902, 1966, and 1989. 

There are many sources of information available about Mt. Redoubt's most recent eruptions. The USGS Newsroom has updates about recent activity. The Alaska Volcano Observatory has frequently updated information and images of Redoubt and other volcanoes in the area. Additionally, NASA's Earth Observatory is releasing imagery from its Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) which is mounted on the Terra satellite.

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EART hours during Spring Break

EART logo

The Earth Sciences and Map Library will be open Monday through Thursday during Spring Break from Saturday, March 21. 2009, through Sunday, March 29, 2009. Hours during Spring Break are:

Monday - Thursday
9am - 5pm
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

The library will be closed on Friday, March 27 in observance of the Spring Holiday.

Regular semester hours will resume Monday, March 30.

Have a great break!

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