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U.S. Army Map Service maps in Google Earth

UT Austin US AMS maps in Google Earth

The Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, Austin has made a broad range of their map collection freely available online. Most recently, they have added a large number of United States Army Map Service (US AMS) topographic maps as a layer in Google Earth.

From the Google Earth Community bulletin board: "[The maps] date primarily from the 1940s and 1950s, so they are more detailed in areas of military concern during and after World War II. While the maps are somewhat outdated, they are excellent for locating tiny villages, finding islands which are not visible or named, and obtaining topographic details."

The bulk of the maps are of Africa, South and East Asia, and Europe. Maps for the United States are also available in the layer.

The Earth Sciences and Map Library maintains a list of AMS indexes online. You can view and download pdf files of these indexes.

You can also find most of these US AMS maps in the Earth Sciences and Map Library if you'd like to refer to paper copies in person. To find these maps on Pathfinder, do an "Author-Organization keyword(s)" search for "United States Army Map Service," and limit your search to format "Maps." You can narrow your search for a specific location by clicking on "Modify search" and entering a specific location name and selecting "Title keyword(s)," in the drop-down menu.

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