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Digital California topographic maps index

Link to northern California topographic map index
Link to southern California topographic map index

A recent addition to the digital map collections at the Earth Sciences and Map Library is a scanned copy of the California 15 and 7.5 minute topographic quadrangles index map. The index map displays the names of both USGS series quads over a map of the state. The map is very large and scanned in two images, one for the northern part of the state, one for the southern section. You can use this online index to determine the names of topo quads for an area of interest in California.

Other online resources for topographic maps include the HISTOPO project, that includes digitized topographic maps of the Bay Area, the Monterey area, and select 30 and 60 minute topographic maps around the state.

The Earth Sciences and Map Library's digital topographic map collection is a list of topographic map sets from around the world. Many of these sets have scanned indexes that are viewable online. Individual map sheets are available for use in the library. Most maps circulate for one week.

Please use the eReference service or contact the Earth Sciences and Map Library if you have questions or need help using these online resources.

May 08, 2008 | Categories: New Acquisitions, Web resources | jridener


Comment from: Voiture thermique [Visitor]
Voiture thermiqueHey this is a nice post I was not aware of this.
04/30/10 @ 11:28
Comment from: Jenny Lee [Visitor]
Jenny LeeIt'd really cool to overlay it over Google maps, or create some kind of heatmap.
06/16/10 @ 14:53
Comment from: motobineuse [Visitor]
motobineusehey i enjoyed your blog, it is very informative and easy to understand
06/26/10 @ 14:49
Comment from: Travis [Visitor]
TravisSome great work has gone into logging these maps. The technology used to catalog this area is fantastic.
09/05/10 @ 21:48
Comment from: christian louboutin [Visitor]
christian louboutinI would like to appreciate the great work done by You!
12/16/10 @ 23:51
Comment from: Tom [Visitor]
TomIt will very interesting to see if you could do a comparison of the topography before and after an earthquake to see the change.
03/18/11 @ 11:55
Comment from: jame [Visitor]
jameExcellent is the only way to describe this article.
03/19/11 @ 07:14
Comment from: chrisitian louboutin [Visitor]
chrisitian louboutinIt'd really cool to overlay it over Google maps, or create some kind of heatmap.
05/26/11 @ 23:55
Comment from: Harry Love [Visitor]
Harry LoveWow these maps are huge!! I wish they circulated for more than 1 week :(
07/16/11 @ 08:08