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DataONE goes live

DataONE logo

The Data Observation Network for Earth (DataONE), a portal for environmental science data exploration, announced that it's gone live as of July 23, 2012. From the DataONE site: "supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation (Grant #OCI-0830944) as one of the initial DataNets, DataONE will ensure the preservation, access, use and reuse of multi-scale, multi-discipline, and multi-national science data via three principle cyberinfrastucture elements and a broad education and outreach program."

DataONE's three principle elements include:

  • Coordinating nodes that provide a replicated catalog of Member Node holdings and make it easy for scientists to discover data wherever they reside, also enabling data repositories to make their data and services more broadly available to the international community
  • Member nodes that consist of data centers, science networks or organizations that can provide  computing resources, or services such as data replication, to the DataONE community
  • Investigator toolkit The DataONE Investigator toolkit enables access to customized tools that are familiar to scientists and that can support them in all aspects of the data life cycle

Users can access data via ONE Mercury, a search tool that allows for geographic, metadata, contributor node, and other types of searches.

Read more about DataONE on the DataONE site.

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