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ChronoZoom debuts at UC Berkeley Faculty Research Lecture Series

ChronoZoom image

Professor Walter Alvarez and Roland Saekow, of the UC  Berkeley Earth and Planetary Science Department, unveiled ChronoZoom, a timeline for the history of everything, at the most recent Faculty Research Lecture Series held at the 97th Annual Faculty Research Lecture Series on April 29, 2010. A video of the lecture is available on the ChronoZoom site.

ChronoZoom is a ground-breaking way to visualize time, to "make time relationships between different studies of history clear and vivid" by visually aiding the "comprehension of time relationships between events, trends and themes" of big history: the study of  "all 13.7 billion years from the Big Bang to the present."

Additionally, ChronoZoom provides an innovative framework for contextualizing research. From the site: "ChronoZoom's features make it a useful tool for browsing all of history. It becomes a gateway to online resources including scholarly articles, lectures, photographs, video, audio and other multimedia. Rather than anticipating a users' specific query like a search engine, ChronoZoom facilitates browsing and self-discovery of existing knowledge. Nearly all of human knowledge can be organized within ChronoZoom since time is among one of the few enduring and continuing constants in our universe. In this light, ChronoZoom is similar to the goal of a search engine, but approaches the problem from a different perspective."

May 12, 2010 | Categories: Web resources | jridener

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