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IEEE Data Fusion contest

  The International Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is sponsoring a remote sensing contest to "investigate the potential of multi-modal/multi-temporal fusion of very high spatial resolution imagery. This year, participants will… more »
Feb 07, 2012 | Categories: Events | jridener

Pastmapper: 1853 San Francisco in 2011

  Brad Thompson has just released Pastmapper, a new platform for describing the past. With Pastmapper, users can see mapping of the past in a contemporary context as well as understand about the past in a contemporary context. Currently, Pastmappe… more »
Dec 08, 2011 | Categories: Events, Web resources | jridener

Association of American Geographers GIS specialty group student paper competition

The GIS Specialty Group (GISSG) of the Association of American Geographers (AAG)is sponsoring a student paper competition. The  awards will be presented at the AAG meeting in New York City, February 24-28, 2012. From the GISSG paper competition site: "Th… more »
Sep 22, 2011 | Categories: News & Updates, Events | jridener

Share your opinions on the UC Berkeley libraries website

The UC Berkeley Library is trying to get a better understanding of how our patrons use our website ( and we need your help! We are looking for any current UC Berkeley students or faculty who would like to sit down with a Libr… more »
Jul 14, 2011 | Categories: Events | jridener

GIS Day 2010

GIS Day 2010 will take place on November 17. GIS Day is an international event and is part of the National Geographic Society's Geography Awareness Week, which seeks to geographic awareness in schools and among the public. From the GIS Day site: "GIS D… more »
Oct 28, 2010 | Categories: Events | jridener

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