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Sanborn map indexes at EART

The Earth Sciences and Map Library has created a new series of updated index maps for its holdings of Sanborn fire insurance maps. The first maps in the series will cover Bay Area cities including Berkeley, Oakland, and San Francisco. Some of the index… more »
Jan 12, 2009 | Categories: News & Updates, How To: | jridener

Ranchos of California

Map of Rancho San Ramon (Carpentier), Contra Costa County, 183-? During the Spanish colonization of California, three main types of land claims were made by the Spanish crown: missions (for religious use), presidios (for military use), and pueblos (for… more »
Dec 16, 2008 | Categories: How To:, Web resources | jridener

Historic topographic maps in Google Earth

Matt Fox at the Google Earth Library blog has been hard at work creating quite a few layers for Google Earth. One of the KML files he's created is a set of topographic maps of the United States. There are currently over 2,000 georeferenced USGS topograph… more »
Oct 15, 2008 | Categories: How To:, Web resources | jridener

How to find large scale maps with detailed elevation information

Are you looking for detailed maps of an area with elevation data? Working on an architecture or urban planning project and need elevation data on a map for a specific location or area in a city? Do you wish Sanborn maps had topographic contours? Many t… more »
Jul 18, 2008 | Categories: How To: | jridener

Climate Atlas of the United States

The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), part of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), publishes The Climate Atlas of the United States. The latest edition is version 2.0, published in 2002. The atlas is a great resource for climate ma… more »
Apr 02, 2008 | Categories: How To:, Web resources | jridener

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