David de Lorenzo to become Director of Special Collections at Oregon

It is with real regret that I announce the imminent departure of David de Lorenzo, Associate Director of The Bancroft Library. In September he will become the first Giustina Director of Special Collections and University Archives at the University of Oregon.

Oregon's gain is certainly California's great loss. In his fifteen years at Berkeley, David transformed Bancroft's largest division, Technical Services, and provided farsighted guidance for the Berkeley campus in the areas of electronic records management and born-digital archival materials. And he takes with him an all-but-legendary reputation for securing grant funds (six million dollars during his tenure at UCB) that have made many unprocessed collections available for research use.

Bancroft is actively engaged in a process to establish interim leadership in its technical services division.

David has been a much-beloved mentor to his Berkeley colleagues. He has also contributed, as a faculty member in the School of Information Studies at San Jose State University, to the training of hundreds of professional librarians and archivists, including a number who have interned at Bancroft.

All of us are very sorry to see David go. We wish him every joy and success in his new post.

Elaine C. Tennant
James D. Hart Director
The Bancroft Library

Jul 25, 2016 | Categories: CU News | admin

Announcing project leader for Library's digital literacy initiative

I am thrilled to announce that Cody Hennesy will be the project leader for the Library's digital literacy initiative.

The Library's digital literacy initiative was sparked by a recommendation in the Commission on the Future of the UC Berkeley Library. Jennifer Dorner and Cody Hennesy mapped out some possible approaches. Jean Ferguson and the Teaching and Learning Expertise Group lead initial steps and explored three topics last year. Beginning this summer Cody will be taking into account our experiences/expertise and those of our partners to outline our plan and next steps. Undergraduate students are a primary focus and we see strong ties with the newly renovated Moffitt Library to be opening fall semester and the possible new undergraduate curriculum currently being discussed by campus.

This project is a nice complement to Cody's other roles as E-Learning Librarian and builds upon the relationships he has developed with our campus partners such as Educational Technology Services, Center for Teaching and Learning, D-Lab, Research IT, and the Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education.

Elizabeth Dupuis
Associate University Librarian
Educational Initiatives & User Services
Director of Doe, Moffitt & the Subject Specialty Libraries

Jul 25, 2016 | Categories: CU News | admin

Harrison Dekker, Databrarian

Harrison Dekker, along with Paula Lackie, has authored "Technical Data Skills for Reproducible Research" in ACRL's just published Databrarianship: The Academic Data Librarian in Theory and Practice. The e-book is on order for the Library, but Harrison's chapter is available now in e-Scholarship!

Congratulations Harrison!

Susan Edwards
Head, Social Sciences Division

Jul 21, 2016 | Categories: CU News | admin

Nga Ong departs UC Berkeley for CDL

Please join me in wishing Nga Ong the best as she heads to CDL as their new e-resource support analyst. Nga has led the E-Resource Unit at the Library for the past eight years. She has served on a number of important committees whose work has informed e-resource management, data acquisitions, workflow processes, and more. Of course she has also worked tirelessly to maintain and restore access to our thousands of e-resources. Thank you, Nga!

Nga's last day at Berkeley will be August 2nd.

Mark Hemhauser
​Head of Acquisitions, The Library

Jul 14, 2016 | Categories: CU News | admin

Announcing our Interim Art Librarian

In light of Kathryn Wayne's recent retirement, I am happy to announce that Holly Hatheway has agreed to serve as the Interim Art Librarian as of July 1, 2016.

During this interim period, Holly will be responsible for collections and outreach services related to art, history of art, and art practice. Since Holly will continue to also serve as the Head of the Arts & Humanities Division, the staff of the Instruction Services Division will be assisting with instruction as much as possible. Holly is reachable at

We plan to recruit for a librarian to take this position permanently though that process is often an extended one. My thanks to Holly for helping maintain quality service to students, faculty, and scholars during this period - fortunately this is a discipline near and dear to her own heart and I know we are in good hands.

Elizabeth Dupuis
Associate University Librarian
Educational Initiatives & User Services
Director of Doe, Moffitt & the Subject Specialty Libraries

Jul 08, 2016 | Categories: CU News | admin

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