Cameron Olen and Charles Stewart Retire from Preservation Dept.

Two highly valued Preservation Department staff members are retiring as of October 31. Cameron Olen joined the Department in 1981, the days of typewriter ribbons and carbon copies, as deptartment administrative assistant, a position that morphed into office manager as the department grew during the late 80s and early 90s with grant-funded preservation projects. Keeping track of project expenses and funds was no small challenge; during many of those years over a half-dozen different grant-funded projects were simultaneously underway, in addition to Library-funded preservation activities. Cam frequently substituted for the department head, using her broad knowledge of the department and the Library to get things done. She will be much missed.

Charles Stewart has been a key member of the Library's photographic team and a specialist in preservation microfilming since 1978. A proponent of traditional wet photography for its unique advantages as a preservation tool, Charles developed methods for optimizing capture of difficult-to-image materials, including rare books and MSS, and developed a unique system using microfilm for copying photos in large numbers inexpensively. Charles brought recognition to the Preservation Department with his technical expertise by consulting with other preservation microfilming operations in the US and abroad and by producing technical reports for the preservation community. Among major career events, Charles remembers vividly his work to keep operations going during several Library construction projects by erecting camera operations under makeshift conditions in various library stacks and cubbyholes and, when need, by working in a hard hat! Charles's contributions have been many.

Begging November 1 Robert Byler in the Preservation Microfilming Lab will continue to provide as many of our preservation microfilming services as possible. Maxim Osinovsky will pick up some of Cam's duties by serving as deptartment office manager in addition to his ongoing assignment as unit head for the Preservation Replacement Division of the Department.

On behalf of the Preservation Department staff, congratulations and much appreciation to Cam and Charles for their non-stop contributions over decades, and many thanks to Max and Robert for stepping in behind them.

Barclay Ogden
Director for Library Preservation                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Lee Leighton's Retirement from Technical Services, and the New Catalog Department

Lee Leighton's last day in the Library was September 24, 2009. This marked the end of a distinguished era and the beginning of a new approach to managing Technical Services. In the reorganization of Technical Services, the Cataloging functions were regrouped into a new Catalog Department, which now reports to Bernie Hurley.

I am pleased to introduce the Cataloging Management Team, who will be working with me to plan, prioritize, and manage the activities of the Catalog department. This team includes:

  • Armanda Barone, Head, Monographic Original Cataloging
  • Tonette Mendoza, Head, Copy Cataloging (Tonnette will replace Sheila Wekselbaum, who is retiring at the end of this month. We'll miss you, Sheila!)
  • Lupe Ochoa, Head, Monographic Recieving
  • Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, Head, Serials Cataloging
  • Kai Stoeckenius, Principal Cataloger
  • Bernie Hurley, Director, Cataloging Department

Dana Jemison, who works 50 percent for Cataloging, will also be reporting to me. Her duties will include being the liaison to our Library Systems Office and developing specifications for programmatic record loading and maintenance projects.

Please welcome our colleagues who will join with me to form our new Catalog department leadership team.

Bernie Hurley
Director for Library Technologies and the Northern Regional Library Facility                                                                                                                       

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Susana Hinojosa's Retirement

Susana Hinojosa has announced her retirement from the UC Berkeley Library as of October 31, 2009, following more than three decades as a library colleague. Susana's first librarian position was in the Moffitt Library in the early 1970s, a role which afforded her the opportunity to develop her skills in public service, collection development, reference, and instruction. She has taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses at Berkeley, and served as a selector/ liaison to Ethnic Studies. Since the mid-1990s Susanna has focused on California and other US state documents, Latin American documents and information from related international organizations, and the public services related to promoting and supporting the use of government information.
Beginning November 1 several library staff will be enhancing their current assignments with some of the responsibilities that Susana has championed and sustained. Jim Ronningen will become the selector for California and other state government documents; Carlos Delgado will assume selection responsibilities for Latin American Government documents; and Corliss Lee will become the new library liaison to the Graduate Division. My thanks to Jim, Carlos, and Corliss for their adoption of these new responsibilities, and to Susana for her many years of service to the Library.
Elizabeth Dupuis
Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives
Director, Doe/ Moffitt Libraries 
Nov 02, 2009 | Categories: CU News | dmoore

Mari Miller's Retirement

Mari Miller has announced her retirement from the UC Berkeley Library as of October 31, 2009 after more than three decades of service on the Berkeley campus. Mari joined the Moffit Library in the late 1980s as a librarian focused on reference, instruction, and collection development. Over the years she moved through a series of positions, developing different areas of expertise and emphasizing public service as well as collection development. Her final position was as selector and liaison to the Energy and Resources Group and the School of Information.
Beginning November 1 several library staff are enhancing their current assignments, inheriting responsibilities to which Mari had given much of her energy and enthusiasm. Char Booth will become the library liaison and selector for the School of Information; Lynn Jones will become the new library liaison to the Energy and Resources Program; and Jennifer Dorner will absorb the management of the general science funds within the scope of the Undergraduate Collections Librarian position, a position she is filling on a temporary basis. My thanks to Char, Lynn, and Jennifer for their interest in adopting these new responsibilities, and to Mari for her many years of service to the Library.
Elizabeth Dupuis
Associate University Librarian for Educational Initiatives
Director, Doe/Moffitt Libraries 
Nov 02, 2009 | Categories: CU News | dmoore

Staff Changes in Morrison and Newspaper/Microforms

Congratulations are due to Alex Warren, who has announced his plans to retire as Head of Morrison Library on October 31, 2009. After his first year and a half working with serials in the UC Berkeley Library, he took a position in the Morrison Library in July 1972 and has continued to expand his duties for the past 37 years, culminating in his nearly two-decades-long role as Head of Morrison Library. 

Beginning November 1, 2009 Imani Abalos will serve as the operations manager of the Morrison Library in an interim arrangement, handling all issues related to the facility, collections, staffing, and policies. Also, as of October 1, 2009 Zsuzsu Listro has assumed responsibility for events scheduling in Morrison Library.

In the Newspaper/Microforms Library, Victoria Jourdan has announced her plans to retire as Operations Supervisor on October 31, 2009. Allan Urbanic will serve as the unit head for the Newspaper/Microform Library in an interim arrangement, handling issues related to the facility, collections, and policies. John Robinson has also been appointed to serve as operations manager and student supervisor.

We hope to have a permanent staffing arrangement for both Morrison and Newspaper/Microforms in place by May 2010.

Beth Dupuis
AUL for Educational Initiatives
Director, Doe/Moffit Libraries 

Oct 14, 2009 | Categories: CU News | dmoore

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