Virtual Exhibits at ENVI

Thanks to Mia Jaeggli in the Environmental Design Library, selected exhibits from ENVI's Raymond Lifchez and Judith Lee Stronach exhibit cases will now have an afterlife online. The first to appear on the college's website is, fittingly, the Fatal Design exhibit.
Ideally, each library exhibit will be digitized and added to the website. We are also planning to use this software to create born digital exhibits.
Based on Omeka software, Mia worked all summer to modify the generic program, develop our format of choice, and populate the database. ED Archives Assistant Curator Miranda Hambro also worked hard on this project to create and enter the metadata and text.
Waverly Lowell
Environmental Design Archives 
Oct 13, 2009 | Categories: CU News | dmoore

UC Berkeley Library Joins Compact for Open-Access Publication

On September 14, 2009, five of the nation's premier institutions of higher learning--UC Berkeley, Cornell, Dartmouth, MIT, and Harvard--announced their joint commitment to a compact for open-access publication. Open-access journals make their articles available freely to anyone, while providing the same services common to all scholarly journals, such as management of the peer-review process, filtering, production, and distribution.

Tom Leonard, the University Librarian at Berkeley, noted that "Publishers and researchers know that it has never been easier to share the best work they produce with the world. But they also know that their traditional business model is creating new walls around discoveries. Universities can really help take down these walls and the open-access compact is a highly significant tool for the job."

More information on the compact can be found at

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Italian Libretto Collections in the Music Library

The Music Library has just completed a multi-year project to catalog two major collections of rare Italian opera libretti: the Taddei Collection consisting of 4,403 libretti dating from 1600 to 1953, and the Sicilian Libretto Collection containing about 930 libretti dating from 1650 to 1900. These two collections constitute one of the largest and most important collections of historical opera libretti in the U.S. Thanks to a Collections Access grant from the Library in 2005, they are now available to our faculty, students, and many users nationwide and worldwide. To browse the collections in Oskicat, type the title search "Taddei libretto collection" or "Sicilian libretto collection."

We are deeply grateful to the following graduate students for their dedicated work on the project: Rebekah Ahrendt, Laura Biggs, Sean Curran, Scott Edwards, Jose Neglia, Kimberly Parke, Camille Peters, Emily Richmond, Brandon Schneider, and Noel Verzosa. SJSU intern Elliott Smith also assisted.

An article by Rebekah Ahrendt and Camille Peters will be published in a forthcoming issue of Notes, the quarterly journal of the Music Library Association, with more detailed information about these collections.

Elisabeth Spohrer
Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library



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Waverly Lowell Publishes Book on Greenwood Common

A book by Waverly Lowell, curator of the Environmental Design Archives (EDA), has been published by William Stout Publishers. Living Modern: A Biography of Greenwood Common explores an enclave of eight houses in the Berkeley Hills that was planned and developed by William Wurster between 1951 and 1957. Its houses were designed by renowned Bay Area architects including Joseph Esherick, Harwell Hamilton Harris, Henry Hill, and Don Olsen. A landmark of regional mid-century modernisn, Greenwood Common continues to thrive today. Living Modern is part of the Berkeley Design Books series devoted to the study of subjects drawn from the holdings of EDA.


Aug 24, 2009 | Categories: CU News | dmoore

Arthur Waugh, Former UCB Librarian, 1922-2009

Arthur Waugh, who passed away on May 15, 2009, was a librarian at UC Berkeley for 35 years. He served as the Architecture and then Environmental Design Librarian until his retirement in 1983.

Waugh earned his Master's in Librarianship in 1948. He first worked as Circulation Supervisor for the Reserve Book Room, then as an assistant to University Librarian Donald Coney. In 1951, Waugh became architecture's first professional librarian. He coordinated  the merger and move of the Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Decorative Arts, and Lanscape Architecture Libraries into the Environmental Design Library in 1964, when Wurster Hall was completed. He was also acting head of the Art/Anthropology Library until 1978.

Rest in peace, Arthur.

Maryly Snow
Emeritus Librarian, Visual Resources Library

Elizabeth Byrne
Environmental Design Library

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