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Reminder about vendor visits in June

Please feel free to join any of the upcoming meetings with vendors.

  • Tuesday, June 4: Gale reps Rob Hoyer and Vince Vessalo. 9am-10am in 251 Doe (original post)
  • Wednesday, June 5: Mike Diaz from the ProQuest DAAP (Digital Arching and Access Program) and Michelle Valani, our ProQuest account manager. 2pm-3pm in 251 Doe (original post)
  • Wednesday, June 12: ProQuest CFO Jonathan Collins along with Michelle Valani. 9am-10am in 212/218 Doe Library.  (original post)
May 30, 2013 | Categories: Digital Collection | mphillip

Vendor visit: ProQuest CFO - June 12

Jonathan Collins, a newly appointed CFO at ProQuest will be on campus on Wednesday, June 12 from 9-10. He is on a fact-finding mission to hear from librarians about what is important to us, challenges we face, and, most importantly, to get honest feedback about ProQuest.

Please join us in 218/218 Doe Library . (The room is keycode access so just knock to have someone let you in.)

No need to RSVP. Just show up.

May 29, 2013 | Categories: Digital Collection | mphillip

Vendor visit: Proquest Digital Archiving and Access Program

A representative from the ProQuest DAAP (Digital Arching and Access Program) will be here on Wednesday, June 5 from 2-3 in 251 Doe Library (Librarian's Office conference room).

He is interested in "discussing the retrospective digitization of dissertations and theses.  This program has given other institutions the ability to surface more content via their institutional repository, has helped them maximize space in the library, and provides state of the art capabilities in terms of archiving and preservation.  These are just some of the reasons institutions have done projects with us.  This program provides more avenues of dissemination of the content, in addition to an IR, and sometimes to help build out an IR."

Please join us if you're interested. No need to RSVP. Just show up.

May 23, 2013 | Categories: Digital Collection | mphillip

SCP Update

Hightlights from the most recent SCP Update: 2731 titles from Springer , 309 from Wiley, and 126 open access titles. Read more at SCP Update - May 2013.

May 21, 2013 | Categories: Cataloging at UC & Beyond | mphillip

Collection Services - Easier to find help and to make requests

Over the last few months, several projects have been sponsored by Collection Services Council, and I'm happy to announce that all the pieces have come together. The goal has been, as always, to make it as easy as possible for selectors to find information they need and to know who to contact for specific requests. Here's what's new:

  • A process has been established to get freely available and open access material cataloged; this is for those items that do not fill the criteria set for cataloging by SCP (CDL's shared cataloging program)
  • Three forms have been merged into one: e-order, Materials Acquired Digitally (MAD), and request for cataloging of freely available/open access items (new feature).
  • Communications between selectors and staff in Acquisitions and Cataloging often involves transmitting the right pieces of data; a new "decision tree" has been devised that walks a selector to the right questions/answers for the case in hand. (Note: the e-problem form has also been redesigned and will become available soon.)
  • The Collection Services staff-side website has been reorganized to take full advantage of the decision tree, allowing for a better organization of other documents that selectors have/will find useful.

In addition to the above, the Scholarly Communication Advisory Group also encouraged the development of a new set of pages designed to capture baseline information about scholarly communication that selectors should know.

A lot of people have been involved on working and implementation groups for these initiatives, including Bette Anton, Jim Church, Myrtis Cochran, Gail Ford, Kathleen Gallagher, Lynne Grigsby, Jianye He, Steve La Follette, Jean McKenzie, Sue Miller, Gary Mills, Nga Ong, Margaret Phillips, Claude Potts, Jane Rosario, Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, Lisa Weber, and Susan Xue. My thanks to them all.

START AT the new website: CS/

  • See the decision tree: (click on : "Make a Request/get help")
  • For the new forms: follow the decision tree for mono-electronic, serial- electronic, or database
  • For the new Scholarly Comm site, pick Scholarly Communication

This was a lot to bring online simultaneously, so please be patient, and be sure to let us know what needs doing. Send comments, "can't find it", and other concerns to Gail who will find an expert and track the change.


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