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Vendor visit: Alexander Street Press

A representative from Alexander Street Press will be here on Tuesday, August 27 from 10-11. We will meet in 212/218 Doe Library conference area. She's hoping to get us interested some of ASP's new offerings including: VAST: Academic Video Online, LGBT Studies Video and LGBT Thought and Culture, Twentieth Century Religious Thought, Asian Studies in Video, Silent Film Online, New World Cinema, Filmakers Library Online, Video Journal of Counseling and Therapy, Ethnographic Video Online (2nd edition), World Newsreels Online, 1929-1966, and their All Music Package among other resources.

(212/218 Doe is keycode access so just knock to have someone let you in.)

Aug 21, 2013 | Categories: Digital Collection | mphillip

Springer launches full book download feature

As announced on the LIBLICENSE-L listserv:

"Springer is pleased to introduce the 'full book download functionality' on SpringerLink and Springer for R&D in response to the high demand for this feature by our authors, researchers and library customers. This new functionality allows users to download all chapters of a book in one go. In addition to this feature, users can view an eBook on SpringerLink and Springer for R&D through the LookInside, and download the individual chapters as PDF and/ or HTML format. The chapter level and full book PDF is available to subscribed users without restrictions. The LookInside always shows some sample pages to unsubscribed users, and the full chapter to subscribed users."

Aug 21, 2013 | Categories: Digital Collection | mphillip

Collection Services Annual Report fy 2013

The Collection Services Annual Report 2013 is now available.

From the Introduction

Fiscal year 2012-13 was a busy and productive year for Berkeley collections, made possible by the hard work of the the staff and librarians in CS units, Acquisitions, Cataloging, Licensing, Preservation, and by the Collection Services Council, the Collections Budget Group, the Scholarly Communication Advisory Group, and the Cataloging and Metadata Council.

We'd also like to thank the Library Applications & Programming staff, without whom many projects and proposals could not be realized; the Subject Councils for responding to requests for feedback on a wide variety of complicated and important issues; and to library selectors for managing their funds wisely, for timely responses to requests for information in support of licensing negotiations, and for their dedication to building the best collections possible for the UC Berkeley community.

Be sure to follow you particular curiosities in Appendix 1: Acquisitions, Appendix 2: Cataloging, Appendix 3: Preservation, Appendix 4: Collection Development & Scholarly Communication, and Appendix 5: CSC participation on groups outside CSC.

Cataloging single open access titles

Thanks to some sleuthing by Dana, David E. and Nga, a mystery has been unraveled. According to SCP:

"To request the cataloging of a single open access title not part of any specific collection send the request via the CDL Help Desk ( Provide the URL for the resource and a statement requesting SCP cataloging. Note, these "unreviewed" cataloging requests are of lowest cataloging priority and will be done as resources are available."

Aug 06, 2013 | Categories: Cataloging at UC & Beyond | mphillip

ERF Update - July 2013

Current number of records in the ERF: 1107

ADDED since last update

DELETED since last update


CHANGES since last updated

Jul 01, 2013 | Categories: ERF Updates | mphillip

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