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Catalog Record Help Desk: BadCat Coming Along Swell

After two months of BadCat going into production, we’re happy to say the project is experiencing success.


If you recall, during the pilot phase (July 21-August 20), Cataloging staff worked on old “DCU” maintenance requests.  During this phase, more than half of these back-logged requests were resolved. The remaining “DCU” requests are being slowly incorporated into the ongoing current BadCat workflow. 


Of the current BadCat workflow, more than 85% of new tickets are resolved within 2-5 days. Waiting for additional information from the ticket submitter is the primary reason other tickets take longer to resolve.  


Tips for efficient maintenance requests:

·       Use the BadCat form: http://ucblibrary3.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/BadCat/form.cgi

       do not send maintenance requests to individual catalogers as this will only delay your request.


       Take advantage of using the auto-fill feature via MyOskiCat. See the BadCat FAQ for more details. http://sunsite3.berkeley.edu/wikis/TechServices/index.php?n=Main.EverythingAZ?action=download&upname=BadCatFAQ.pdf


·       Respond in a timely fashion when asked for additional information or for material relating to your BadCat request.


·       Do not use the BadCat form to request purchase, cataloging, access assistance, or URL correction for electronic resources. These should be submitted to: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/Staff/eproblem.html



BadCat Stats:

Average number of tickets received per week: 27

Number of tickets closed in past 12 weeks: 372

Number of active tickets: 72


How are we doing?

The Catalog Department encourages you to tell us about your experience using BadCat. Please add a comment (or a question) to this posting, or send an email to Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, lrowliso@library.berkeley.edu

Nov 15, 2010 | Categories: Catalog Department, Operations | lrowliso

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