The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Oral History Project

Photo of Bay Bridge 1936 courtest of The Bancroft Library

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Oral History Project tells the story of this engineering marvel. Enabling billions of passengers to drive from Oakland to San Francisco, or vice versa, since it opened to the public 1936, the Bay Bridge binds together the region like no other man-made structure. The majority of interviewees for this project spent their careers working on and around the bridge, and they offer their perspective on the engineering achievements, the maintenance challenges, and the complex symbolism of this massive structure.

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On Exhibit: Zines from the Bay Area

August 12, 2013 - TBA
The Bancroft Library Reading Room Cases
Open during the operating hours of The Bancroft Reading Room

zine noun \'zen\: a noncommercial often homemade publication usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter.

Zines are small circulation publications that do not depend on the financial backing of advertisers, and are not produced under the guidance of a large corporation or editorial staff. Also known as fanzines, these publications are usually homemade, self-published works produced on a very small budget, and often express alternative ideas on a wide variety of subjects, ranging from feminism and punk rock culture, to cooking and country music. The San Francisco Bay Area has been a starting point for many zines, some that grew to a larger circulation and others that remained relatively obscure.

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Newest Bancroftiana issue now online!

Number 142, Summer 2013


The Colors of California Agriculture

Oral History On and Above the Bay Bridge

The Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting Made History

Download PDF

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On Exhibit: Clipper Ship Sailing Cards in The Bancroft Library

Clipper Ship Sailing Cards in The Bancroft Library
August 1, 2013 - TBA
The Bancroft Library Corridor Cases
Open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

The clipper ship sailing cards first appeared during the 1850s, advertising the departure of a ship on an imminent but indeterminate date. The cards were produced to attract last-minute customers to a not-yet-full vessel that would sail shortly, generally from New York to San Francisco. Clipper ships brought thousands of hopeful individuals to California during the Gold Rush, when sailing around Cape Horn was the fastest way to the Pacific coast from the eastern United States. Numerous artists, engravers, and printers turned to this new advertising medium at a time when color printing processes were also improving. The cards, designed to stand out in an agent's window display, were letterpress printed onto cardstock, and accented by colorful wood-engraved images or dramatic lettering. Today, less than 3,500 clipper cards are estimated to remain, and about 140 are housed in The Bancroft Library.

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From fascist Europe to U.C. Berkeley: Students help uncover a history of intellectual migration

"It must have been an Indiana Jones moment for Stuart Fine. Poring over rare documents, many of which had been boxed up for decades, the 19-year-old U.C. Berkeley freshman uncovered a lost world.

Fine was one of nine students taking part in a project of the university?s Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship program. Their mission: Explore the lives of 70 professors, most of them Jewish, who had fled Nazi-occupied Europe in the ?30s and later joined the U.C. Berkeley faculty. Their findings will be part of a 2014 exhibit at the Magnes Collection of Jewish Art and Life in Berkeley.

'It was fascinating to learn about these people,' Fine said. 'I knew about the Jewish intellectual diaspora after the war, but I had no idea so many amazing people came to U.C. Berkeley or that Cal accepted so many persecuted Jews.'

The documents had been stored at the university's Bancroft Library, which houses a portion of the Magnes' archives." - Dan Pine,

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