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Elaine Tennant named new Bancroft Library director

Elaine Tennant named new Bancroft Library director

"Elaine Tennant, a medieval and early modern specialist in the German and Scandinavian departments at the University of California, Berkeley, will become the James D. Hart Director of UC Berkeley?s Bancroft Library starting in September.

Tennant said she hopes to help integrate The Bancroft more fully into the campus?s teaching and research missions and wants the library to take an active role in the ongoing discussion of the nature of information and the future of libraries in the 21st century.

'Collections of material artifacts like those held by The Bancroft present special challenges and have a particular contribution to make to our thinking about information in an increasingly virtual environment,' Tennant said. 'Figuring out what the relationship is between old and new technologies, and among multiple forms of knowing, is the kind of thing that Berkeley?s great at.'" - Kathleen Maclay, Media Relations

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Aug 22, 2011 | Categories: News | Titangos

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